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Saturday, 7 June 2014


The following is an observation of the time I wore the Milhaukee Brace...a brace to correct the curvature of scoliosis.


Her back was as crooked as the leaning tower of Pizza. Most folks regarded her as a foul creature.  To them she was Quasimodo’s Sister.  They would poke fun of her as she walked through the streets of town.  She was encased inside an ivory cage with metal rods poking through her thread-bare clothes up to her chin. What’s worse, her neck was caught in a most embarrassing contraption which protruded from the metal rods within her formidable cage.  She was the personification of Frankenstein’s monster.  Yet she was only a girl....a terrified, lonely little girl who lived with this atrocious deformity. 

Since the age of eleven she was diagnosed with scoliosis...a formidable bone deformity.  Her orthopaedic doctor recommended she have an operation, spinal fusion he called it.  But her mother didn’t have the heart to have her daughter undergo such a risky operation.  She couldn’t bear the thought of her little girl under the surgeon’s knife.  There was a second option:  The Milwaukee brace.  The child wore that hideous apparatus from the tender age of eleven until the age of sixteen.

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